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Staying Fit at 50 by Paul Rance


There's a lot of people making a lot of money telling us how to stay healthy and fit. But keeping fit at 50 isn't that difficult for anyone in fairly good health.

Many slim 50-year-old men and women, who are keen on gardening, will tell you that there is no great secret to staying fit. No celebrity keep-fit DVD, no supposedly magic diet. Yes, there are fitness routines that you can try out, and it's sensible to look after your body in regard to how much you eat and drink, but sometimes things which are uncomplicated are made out to be some great secret.

Other fun ways of keeping fit at 50 can be walking, cycling, swimming, and jogging. But it's important not to overdo something like jogging, and at 50 you should get a check-up to make sure that you're in good enough shape to pound the roads! Even if you are given a clean bill of health, you should still remember that you can't bring back your early 20s, though you can still be in better shape than some people half your age, who spend most of their awake time around a computer, and then watching television. You may be middle-aged, but you can still have an active life for many years - if you look after yourself.

Healthy meals will help to keep the pounds at bay, but they don't have to be a leaf of lettuce and a tomato, though plenty of fruit and vegetables will do you a lot more good than burgers, hot dogs, and kebabs. It's also not a good idea to eat a great deal before you go to bed, as you won't be working anything off when you're asleep! A brisk walk after a sizeable meal is a good idea, whenever possible.

If someone advises you not to "overdo it", then you should take that advice. Just because you are fit, and feel fit, doesn't mean that you are invincible. Apart from the risk of injury when pushing your body too hard, there's also more possibility of accidents if you're working in the garden, and you're feeling tired. Take a break, and when it's warm, some liquid as well. A good night's sleep is another way of refreshing mind and body.

Being 50 doesn't need to be a life of sitting in front of the TV, and being bored out of one's skull. if you remain fit, then you can have as full a life as you have ever had - albeit at a slower pace.

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Staying fit doesn't have to be a chore

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