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Brutus - the Rabbit That Changed the World by Paul Rance

History teaches us that revolutions don't always end up improving things, but I think we've reached the point that just adhering to the status quo means that a radical change is worth the risk.

I believe that people who have power, whether it's government, councils, banks, or energy companies, most are inherently corrupt and immoral. Time to find a different path, and time to nail our colours to the mast.

- Paul Rance.

If you want to know why I hate the system this piece, The Case of Thelma Rance - the Ongoing Scandal, will give you some idea.


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Brutus - the Rabbit That Changed the World

The short novel for the Occupy Generation

Brutus - the Rabbit That Changed the World can be purchased through the links below (Available in paperback and Kindle)

The Characters

Nick Fromallrich - the compassionate revolutionary.

Julie Nicecuddle - Nick's girlfriend.

Justin Knottshure - the sometimes indecisive friend of Nick.

Bathsheba Foxypeep - Justin's girlfriend and upper class rebel with a cause.

Felicity Phellaysheeo - Mummy of Brutus, frontwoman of Fannyarse.

Leopard Lykealot - Felicity's flamboyant boyfriend.

Rachel Lendmesummunny - exploits Nick's generosity.

Neil Twonkprodder - frontman of Destroy Old Values.

Cotton Sox, Minx, Birth - the other members of Fannyarse.

Michael Lyetunns - Coalition Prime Minister.

Wes Crawleigh - the PM's spin doctor.

Jim Effical - a cop with a conscience.

Nobby Cocker - 96-year-old punk, who still proudly sports a green Mohican.

Phil Inawhile - a guy who's filling in as PM - for a while.

Brutus - a rabbit that seems to pop up at historic moments...

Brutus - the Rabbit That Changed the World Extracts

"If you're sensitive, Britain is a very harsh place indeed. Finally, on a still August day in 20** timeless bonds were stripped away. It had all began with what had seemed like an insignificant incident."


"Old people were dying of the cold, because they were too scared to switch on their heating. Choosing whether or not to put more money into the hands of grasping energy company executives, or feed themselves."


"People dying of starvation in London, New York, Paris, Berlin and Rome was airbrushed out of the news. Let's be given the news we really want to hear. The latest vacuous celeb getting boob implants, vote for the most impressive six-pack - and let's all wet ourselves with excitement at the birth of another royal baby. The media was obviously being controlled, and obviously money chips away at compassion and neutrality."


"Choose by Destroy Old Values was booming out of a dilapidated flat. DOV were an amalgam of reggae, '60s psychedelia, and frenetic percussion - zigger beat, they called it. Justin Knottsure was thinking: "I'm wide awake to the sounds of the rebellion I never had.""


"Julie wiggled her bare derriere as the usual cue for Cecil (Julie's pet name for Nick's penis) to work his magic. But, while Nick's hands were on Julie's peachy buttocks, there was a tap on the window. It was Rachel Lendmesummunny. Though shocked she quite enjoyed the fact that she would now have even more bargaining power. She also nearly convinced herself that she wasn't jealous either...

"Rachel was always short of money, and she preyed on Nick's generous nature. She was quick to record, too, what people wouldn't want to know about Nick. Him supposed to be celibate and all."


"Nick was on a roll now: "Even in ancient times the manipulative, greedy few kept the majority as actual slaves, or slaves in all but name. Nothing's changed really. Put into state institutions as little children, we are trained to work to feed the state and bow and scrape to our betters, i.e. those with more money than us.

"Julie always thought that Nick must compose speeches in his head, and then use them during conversation. Nick's mind was a whirlwind of revolutionary, compassionate thinking: "Vegetarians and vegans are the last people it's okay to disregard. You've only got to switch on the TV to see that. To me, when people talk about how much they love eating a burger it's offensive to my beliefs. As offensive as someone saying something negative about Jesus would be to Christians.""


"Nick thought: "I admire rats. An unfairly persecuted creature. When cornered it will fight to the death, because it has no alternative. It also doesn't want to leave this world quietly. Many people are like cornered rats in modern Britain, but they seemed unable to fight back - until now. Shelley would have been proud of his lions rising out of their centuries long slumber.""


"Everything was going to plan - and very quickly. Before 9am 100,000 demonstrators had poured into Trafalgar Square. The police had been taken completely by surprise, and, by the time they had become fully mobilised at noon, there were 300,000 in Trafalgar Square alone. The total amount of demonstrators in and around London numbered well over a million by midday. Some said it was as high as three million, but the police said that it was more like 300,000. It was an impressive turnout whatever the figure, and this was happening in towns and cities all over the UK."


"Meanwhile, sitting on a small bridge by the Thames, a dejected Wes Crawleigh and Michael Lyetunns were contemplating their broken careers. In the distance a babyish woman's voice was heard shouting: "Brutus! Brutey, darling. Where are you? You are so naughty." Suddenly, on the bridge, facing Crawleigh and Lyetunns was Brutus.

"Though the sad duo were heavily disguised, Brute knew exactly who they were. He'd broken away from Felicity's grip, and was contemptuously analysing his quarry on the bridge with a stare more evil than Medusa's."


"How can a country that gave the world Shakespeare, Constable, Dickens, The Beatles become such a divisive hell-hole?" a demonstrator shouted into a microphone."


"Bathsheba didn't have any friends from her class. She once said to her Mother, when she was only 16: "I'm afraid most people just lie back and open their legs when money's on offer." Her cynicism had been evident in her since her early teens. She knew how it worked with her supposedly ethical peers. Work for a company whose ethics you didn't approve of, because the money on offer persuaded you to TRY and look at them in a more favourable light. In time you could believe the lies you were telling yourself. Most of Bathsheba's teenage anti-establishment gang ended up in the City, brown-nosing to anyone who'd help them up the career ladder."


"Nobby noticed a couple of tramps who were chuckling to themselves. Yes, the bloody irony. There they were sleeping in palatial surroundings, when, pre-revolution, they'd have been fighting over a cardboard box to sleep in. Everyone walked in and out of the charred remains of Buck House (Buckingham Palace) these days..."


"Phil Inawhile was Britain's new leader, but he was strangely unaffected by his rapid rise to power. He didn't see himself as anything other than someone trying to improve the state of the UK. It was all new and chaotic, of course, but at least things were promising. Everyone was getting fed at least - even the dirt poor, which hadn't been the case under Michael Lyetunns."


"People now REALLY cared about others, and many wept for the wasted years of toiling for a pittance. Working for people who, as human beings, weren't fit to lick their boots. The questioning of authority ideals of the 1960s and 1970s had not gone far enough."

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