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Extracts from 50 Great Moments and Memories of the 1960s by Paul Rance


21. Ready Steady Go!/Top of the Pops/Juke Box Jury
Ready Steady Go! was THE show for young music fans in the '60s. With the young and likeable Cathy McGowan presenting, anyone who was anyone would perform and be interviewed on the show. Dusty Springfield, for instance, famously interviewed The Beatles.

Top of the Pops was another hit music-related show, which began in 1964. But, with J*m*y S*v*l* presenting many episodes, don't expect to see repeats of them anytime soon. The beautiful Samantha Juste was the show's resident "disc girl" for a time, and even the TOTP audience was hip, with then rising soccer star George Best seen on one occasion self-consciously dancing to The Rolling Stones.

A music-related show that had current songs judged mainly by the peers of the artists concerned was Juke Box Jury, which was hosted by David Jacobs. The Stones, quel surprise, didn't play nice on one occasion and just bitched!

24. Twiggy

Real name Lesley Hornby, and a household name at 17, Twiggy was one of several striking British fashion models of the '60s, including Jean Shrimpton and Celia Hammond.

Twiggy, so named because of her fragile appearance, was another example of working class youngsters making their mark in the '60s. Eminently likeable with her humble charm, Twiggy went on to star in the film musical The Boyfriend, and she had a hit with the song, Here I Go Again.

In recent years, Twiggy has become a campaigner for animal welfare. She is now, to coin that overused, corny phrase, 'a British institution'. 

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