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Paul Rance co-founded Peace & Freedom Press in 1985, and launched the website in 2005. He is a member of The Peace & Freedom Band, who were one of the first British rock groups to release music in the MP3 format. Born in Luton, Bedfordshire in 1959, Paul now lives in Lincolnshire.

Paul says: "As a writer, poet, artist, and failed musician (!), small press editor and publisher for over 30 years, here on you'll find information about my latest projects, as well as some of my work."

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Paul Rance with Sparkle, Farrow Road, Whaplode Drove, Lincolnshire, 2015
Paul Rance with his feline pal of many years, Sparkle, in Farrow Road, Whaplode Drove in 2015


Plans for 2024

Another issue of the Peace & Freedom magazine should also be out in 2024. More info on that issue will be available later on the Peace & Freedom Press page. 

A few other personal projects are currently being worked on, or recently completed, including a book about my early life in Luton (Made in Luton - a taster here and here: The Forgotten Lionesses - a Personal Story), and the influences of the culture of the times, as well as looking way back into my roots. Made in Luton is now available to buy from Amazon stores worldwide in paperback, hardback and Kindle formats. The Made in Luton page on features extracts from the book, and there will be other related stuff also there later. I've also been working on adding a few of my favourite things to the Paul Rance Amazon storefront, such as music-related items, films, cat posters and boxer dog items. And here's some photos by me of Crowland birds as part of my increasing interest in nature photography. While, here's my review of Luton Town's Premier League debut season: Luton Town's Noble Premier League Debut by Paul Rance.

Made in Luton hardback cover; author Paul Rance

Made in Luton hardback cover. Order now on Amazon UK here.

My illustrated novel for the climate conscious, From Ecocide to Eden, became available from January 29th, 2022 as an ebook via Amazon. In From Ecocide to Eden, there is a strong theme of loving nature and animals, and some of the illustrations will be used to raise awareness for animal welfare and environmental issues. See a few of the illustrations and read the first chapter here.  

In the Spring of 2020 the Peace & Freedom climate change, nature special was published, which was edited by me. Included in this issue are photos of XR Peterborough events and Peterborough climate strikes. The 2018 issue of Peace & Freedom, an Andrew Bruce Tribute issue, is still available. More details of both publications at Peace & Freedom Press

If you love classic books, pop and rock music, films and TV, here's the site I created in 2005. It was run by Andrew Bruce until his death in April, 2017:

Some of my art and photos can also be found on a variety of products at at the Paul Rance Art & Photography store here, and at my Redbubble store here. While a blog of all sorts of mine is here.

Art by Paul Rance

Some more of my books earns a percentage from sales of any Amazon-related products that are bought via this site.

Rock My World Quiz Book (paperback link below, also available in Kindle and hardback. Available on Amazon sites around the world)

A wide range of rock-related questions, from classic groups and legendary singers to different decades and rock music categories. Plus rock alphabet, rock mathematics, rock geography and rock biology.

A quiz book for rock fans. Hundreds of questions on famous rock bands and artists, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, The Byrds, The Doors, Coldplay, Jefferson Airplane, Queen, Blondie, Radiohead, U2, Nirvana, The Police, Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Oasis, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, et al. Plus many fun categories, including rock alphabet and animals. An example of the sort of questions can be found here - Neil Young questions.

Rock My World Quiz Book

Cover of Being St. Francis by Paul Rance

Paul Rance's views here on hunting, that also feature in Being St. Francis.

The focus in this book is on improving as a society through love and kindness. Includes references to  #SaveSheffTrees icon Duchess Lime, Sudan the rhino, and a chapter on the successful fracking protests at Kirby Misperton (see here).

"In Being St. Francis the author looks at ways that we can improve as individuals and as a society. The focus in this book is on love and kindness, and to value all living things – just as St. Francis did. If you care about human rights, animal rights/animal welfare issues, environmental issues, green left politics this book should appeal to you."

Being St. Francis - Paperback -

Extract from Paul Rance's England's 50 Greatest Cricketers: Sydney Barnes

Luton Town FC in the 1970s by Paul Rance; an extract from the 1970-71 season

Luke Knoblitz - Luton Legend

Extracts from Paul Rance's Nonsense Creatures Limericks and Illustrations Book 1

Extracts from Made of the Write Stuff by Paul Rance

Paul Rance Articles

The Remarkable Story of Pit Bull Sergeant Stubby

5 Historical Places to Visit in Cambridgeshire

Places to Visit in Peterborough, UK

Old Paul Rance Articles

Art and photography links from around the world

Mother Becomes Stardust By Paul Rance

Mother Becomes Stardust

A story of bravery, love and resistance

Mother Becomes Stardust By Paul Rance Kindle Mother Becomes Stardust Paperback

Mother Becomes Stardust Kindle Mother Becomes Stardust Paperback

An inspiring book by Paul Rance, who details his Mother Thelma's brave fight against breast cancer and a disabling stroke. This book also details problems encountered dealing with 'the system', within Lincolnshire and beyond, and how the power of music can work as therapy.

Brutus - The Rabbit That Saved The World By Paul Rance

If you're sick and tired of the system this book's for you. If you're a person who cares about all life and the Earth this book's for you. If you like a mix of the dark, humorous, erotic, philosophical, futuristic and a world-changing rabbit this book's for you! 'Brutus - the Rabbit That Changed the World' looks into a future that's not too far away, and one which offers hope to those who feel there is none.

Brutus main characters and extracts

Create Your Own Reality

Brutus - the Rabbit That Changed the World - First few paragraphs of Chapter One - Anyone Can Be Pushed Too Far...

If you're sensitive, Britain is a very harsh place indeed. Finally, on a still August day in 20** timeless bonds were stripped away. It had all began with what had seemed like an insignificant incident.

A small demo against energy prices was the trigger, as just 500 demonstrators were battered by 150 police in a small English town in a classic case of overkill. Yes, those cops really started something.

Energy companies had become very close to successive British governments and deaths during a particularly bitter winter had skyrocketed. With not even a choice between heating and eating many old people just faded away on their own in an increasingly disconnected society. In a world full of technological innovation, modern humans were still, mentally, very much in the caves with their ancestors. It was 30,000 BC, pretending to be the 21st Century. The attitude seemed to be to protect your own interests at all costs, and, if people died in the process, so be it.

Politicians uttered their usual platitudes, as they had been doing for decades, but, meanwhile, energy companies kept them sweet with sizeable backhanders. Change was put back time and time again in the hope that people would eventually give up protesting. Then on one humid day in August it all changed.

50 Great Moments and Memories of the 1960s

A look back by Paul Rance at 50 of the memorable moments and people of the 1960s from a British perspective, including The Beatles, First Man on the Moon, Woodstock, Bob Dylan, Muhammad Ali, Twiggy, David Bailey, England winning the World Cup, The Rolling Stones, Martin Luther King, James Bond, Doctor Who and Star Trek.
50 Great Moments and Memories of the 1960s book extracts


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